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Big Data Analytics for Internet of Everything.
Internet of Things (IoT) enables the gathering of information from physical objects with the use of sensors to the Internet and remote computation servers.

Smartphones, cars, buildings, almost anything today can be connected to Internet and expect to generate huge amount of information every hours, that are hard to address.

Sensormind main challenge is to address this explosive amount of data, not only from the point of view of the storage, but also for processing, extracting hidden information and correlation between data and catch particularly complex event which you may be interested on.
  • Cloud ready

    Keep data on the cloud. Safe, secure and always available.

  • Analytics engine

    Use a free powerful engine to join, compute and process your data.

  • Custom visualization

    Compose, customize, link and share results with other user.

  • Event handling

    Event recognition, generation and notification.

Bring your business to the cloud

Manage, interconnect and analyze your data.

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Connect any kind of devices to our service and start to save your data. We support a lot of different protocols for any kind of devices.

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Collect and manage your data wherever you are. You can access your information without any area limits, take your data always with you.

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Share your visualization plugins with your clients and friends. Choose what and how show them you date and how they can interact with it

The new way for Internet of Things

The future of the IoT is about combining connected objects and solutions to expand your reach.
SensorMind can interconnect anything you need, creating more value for your business.